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4.0 - Cover photos

I want to briefly show our new cover photo support. Cover photos allow users to upload an image to represent something in the community; we currently support them in profiles and calendar events and may roll out support to other areas later.

Here's a video of it in action for a calendar event.

It's really simple to use, and of course still works responsively like the rest of our default theme. We hope it adds a new element of customization for content in your community.


For developers, supporting cover photos in your own addons is as easy as you'd expect. A helper is available which handles the nitty-gritty for you; you simply add $item->coverPhoto() to your template, override a couple of methods in your controller, and optionally build your own menu to control the user interaction (or you can let the helper output them for you, as in the video above). That's it!

As always, screenshots are from pre-release software and are subject to change before release.



Recommended Comments

Looks great.


Can you say a bit more about how this works responsively.  One of the much requested suite features is the ability to automatically re-size images on upload.  Can this system do this and will it automatically resize an image (or serve a different sized cached image) depending on the type of device making the request?

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I really hope that it gets rolled out more universally, and that the mechanism is the same for picking an album cover in IP.G.  Totally understand that it can't require IP.G to work, but if IP.G IS installed, I think using IP.G images as covers photos should be a clear option for all uses.

Please let the design encourage synergies between apps.


I really loved the repositioning, nicely done.  :-)



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This doesn't 100% apply to only cover photos BUT I hope 4.0 will allow images that are over-sized in accordance to our admin setting to be auto re-saved with wither sRGB or their original uploaded color profile (also at full quality). It absolutely stinks that when our forum software has to re-save an image due to our size restrictions is strips the color profile making images look terrible and unpredictable pending which browser is viewing them.

Fingers crossed.

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Wouldn't it be better to automatically let the user reposition the photo after upload. Instead of having to re-click the drop down & then do it? Some people might not even realise that option is there.

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Although it's a nice way to add a "little bit" of personalization that most are familiar with from big social networks, I'd much rather use background images/colors for all aspects of the profile (think vb3.7-8/4.x & how no other community suite or forum match it's profile features even today!) or movable custom profile blocks, etc.
The problem with cover photos is explained nicely here:
The Unbearable Sameness Of Social Networks
I'd much rather have profiles that end-users can call their own. If we're going to think like other websites (ex: cover photos), why not think like Wordpress and offer themes that our members can use for their profiles and blogs and albums? Let them "own" the look of their profile. At the very least Multiple Profile Setup Choices to help communities build profiles relatable to their own community niche instead of the standard bland webmaster community profiles.

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