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Community in the Cloud, New Support Package, and Transfer Promo

We have a few updates to our services to share with you.

Community in the Cloud

For over 11 years IPS has provided hosting services for clients that want a turn-key approach to their online community. Over time we have become more and more focused on community hosting solutions so it seemed like a good time to drop the older "hosting" term and adopt a new name for our service: Community in the Cloud. Granted it's the buzzword of the day but we were in the cloud before the cloud was a term :smile:.

Right now it's all that you had before but presented in a much easier to understand format. Check out our new information page: http://www.invisionpower.com/cloud-pricing

This name and presentation change is just step one. We will soon be increasing our storage quotas and have some other great changes on the way!

New Support Package

We often get clients who are looking for a higher level of support beyond just tickets. They want training, schedule upgrade service, consultations, and more. Of course offering that level of support is intensive and in the past we have always custom-quoted such services. Now to streamline we we have created a new Premium Support package that includes:


  • Scheduled installation time
  • Initial training & consultation by phone or live chat
  • Post-deployment best practices training
  • Custom migration from other platforms*
  • Custom skin design*
  • Custom single sign on (SSO)*

  • Same business day ticket response
  • Scheduled upgrade times
  • Custom skin upgrades between versions*
  • Security updates applied before public release

Monthly Maintenance
  • Logs checked for signs of problems
  • Advise and schedule if upgrades are available
  • Database maintenance
  • Settings reviewed for optimal performance
  • Best practices reviews

* Custom services may incur additional fees

The new Premium Support package is $500 every 6 months and is available for purchase or upgrade today. If you have any questions feel free to email sales@invisionpower.com and we will be happy to help.

Transfer Promotion

If you are interested in moving to IPS Community in the Cloud we are offering a promotion that should make now the best time to make the switch.

From now until 1 September 2013 we will offer free transfers and free conversions. This means if you are already using IPS Community Suite on your own servers but want to switch to the CiC we will move your data for you. It also means that if you are using a different community software provider and are ready to upgrade to CiC we will both transfer your data and convert it using one of our pre-made converters.

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