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IP.Board 3.4.5 + all applications available for beta testing

The following applications are available for beta testing:

  • IP.Board 3.4.5
  • IP.Blog 2.6.3
  • IP.Content 2.3.6
  • IP.Chat 1.4.4
  • IP.Downloads 2.5.4
  • IP.Gallery 5.0.5
  • IP.Nexus 1.5.8
  • IP.Calendar 3.3.4

This round of maintenance updates represents updates to all of our applications. At this point in time, there are zero open bug reports in our tracker (that are not flagged to be resolved in a future major version). We would like to encourage all interested users to perform as much testing of these apps as possible.

We will be upgrading our company forums early this coming week.

Please report any bugs you find with the beta to our bug tracker.

Please pay particular attention to the following areas:
  • The editor, both within IP.Board (topics/posts) and in other areas (such as IP.Content articles, IP.Blog entries, etc.). Pay attention both to the editor itself (i.e. when typing out and formatting your post, and toggling the editor back and forth) and the final post that is submitted.
  • Rebuilding posts, specifically upon upgrading from an older version of the software. Pay attention specifically to quotes to be sure they display correctly.
  • Any IP.Nexus functionality that has to do with grouped renewals. Cancelling packages where renewals are grouped, reactivating those packages, changing those packages, etc.

If you find a bug, please be certain to report it to the bug tracker. When doing so, be sure to include as much information as possible that will allow us to reproduce the issue, including what browser you are using, what version of PHP is running on your server, whether this was an upgrade or a fresh installation, and so on. Screenshots are often helpful.
As with all beta releases from IPS, these releases are not supported by our technicians until the official final releases are publicly available in our client center. Please do not upgrade your live installation using these betas, as you may find no path between these builds and the final releases that we put out. We recommended, instead, to create a copy of your live board as a test installation, and upgrade your test installation instead.

All customers with active licenses can download the betas at: http://community.inv...ower.com/qa.php

Thanks in advance! We look forward to your feedback.

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