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Betas for ALL applications available

We have built public beta releases of our entire product line up for testing. Please be aware that beta releases are not supported by IPS technical support. We do not recommend running them on a live site, you may be unable to upgrade from a beta release to the final version, and our only course of support is to recommend you restore a backup of your site if you face any issues.

We appreciate clients who wish to participate in beta testing programs. We would recommend cloning your live site, or installing these betas to a new test environment, in order to test the bug fixes and functionality improvements. Please report bugs in the bug tracker. As of the time of this post, our company forums are running all of these latest versions.

IP.Board 3.4.3

IP.Blog 2.6.2

IP.Calendar 3.3.2

IP.Chat 1.4.3

IP.Content 2.3.5

IP.Downloads 2.5.3

IP.Gallery 5.0.4

IP.Nexus 1.5.7

You can download beta releases for which your license gives you access to at our QA page. Thanks in advance to all who decide to test!

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