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Minor enhancement to IP.Gallery feed blocks in IP.Content

This is just a quick update to let everyone know of a small enhancement you can expect to see in the next IP.Gallery release.

We recently noticed that you could not create IP.Content feed blocks to pull featured images from IP.Gallery. We felt that this was a small and easily correctable oversight, so we added a filter option when creating IP.Gallery feed blocks in IP.Content to allow you to choose whether to pull only featured images or not. You can expect to see this new option beginning with the IP.Gallery 5.0.4 release.

Adding filters to IP.Content feed blocks is a generally easy process, depending upon what you are trying to filter by. Naturally, some types of filters can make the block much more complex, but with the example above of filtering by retrieving featured images, we needed only 2 language strings and 10 distinct lines of code.

What types of block filters have you always felt would be easy but useful additions?



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What types of block filters have you always felt would be easy but useful additions?

  • better filtering of date fields, both default date fields (e.g. date submitted) and custom date fields. the default and only option right now is to return records with date > (after) the one you are filtering by.  including filtering for dates before/after now. or just in a given month. or a given year.
  • filter for records where a field is/is not null.  including attachment fields.

Easy... not likely in 10 lines of code.  Useful... definitely.

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Here you go a suggestion I made a while ago: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-nexus/ipcontent-plugin-issues-with-invoices-r39026

Also the invoices section for this feed_block plugin is pretty useless right now since it won't allow you to filter invoices based on the customer, unlike for example the tickets option which allows you to enter a customer name or "friends, myself". I can't even add the filter manually since the file is encoded so I guess I'll have to create a new custom plugin for now to load all the pending invoices of the logged in member.

I made also a topic I think but I can't find it :tongue:

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