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IP.Nexus integration with the bulk mailer

We identified a use case recently where we wanted to send a bulk mail to all clients who had purchased a particular package in IP.Nexus. This is not uncommon. Perhaps the package is being discontinued. Perhaps you erroneously over charged for this package. Perhaps there will be a special on additional purchases of this package. Regardless of the reason, it is logical and ordinary that you want to email all clients who have purchased a given package.

Because the bulk mailer was improved in 3.4 and now supports per-application extensions, we have written one for IP.Nexus 1.5.7 that allows you to control with the bulk mailer certain ways to filter members based on packages they have purchased.

The way this works is very simple. When you go to send a new bulk mail, there is now an IP.Nexus tab in the filters area allowing you to filter by IP.Nexus purchases. You can also control whether you send to only active purchases, expired purchases, cancelled purchases, or any combination there-of. Here is a screenshot to show you what it looks like on our site:

I'm sure you can see just how valuable this small but useful change will be. This enhancement will be available with the release of IP.Nexus 1.5.7.

What other types of filters have you wanted to bulk mail members utilizing, but can't presently?

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