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More client control over marketplace purchases

Our marketplace is an area where developers can submit free and paid resources for other clients to download and use on their website. IPS processes many, many transactions through the marketplace, both one-off purchases and renewals for applications clients have previously purchased.

When an application has renewals, however, it was pointed out that the client had no way to cancel those renewals. Perhaps the client is no longer using the resource they purchased, for instance, and does not wish to renew the purchase any longer. With our product releases in the client area you can easily opt not to renew purchases if you want, however there has been no way to do this in the marketplace...until now.

With the release of IP.Downloads 2.5.3 (and available in the marketplace now), instead of a button that reads "Buy another", the button has been relabeled to "Manage Purchases". When you click this button on a file you have purchased, you will still have the option to purchase more licenses, however you will also have the ability to manage your existing purchases, including
  • Canceling a purchase that is active
  • Reactivating a previously canceled purchase
  • Renewing a purchase that has expired

Additionally, we enhanced IP.Downloads so that when an author changes a paid file with renewals to free that it clears out the renewal terms for any clients who have purchased the file. If the file is no longer paid and no longer has renewals, existing purchases should not still renew, after all. And finally, if the file name is changed, previous purchases that are displayed in a user's client area will now reflect the updated file name, for clarity.

These small enhancements will make clients better able to manage their purchases, save our customer service representatives time by not requiring them to cancel purchases for clients, and provide an all around more robust and complete experience for users.

(Please be aware that this is an early screenshot of a feature to be included in the next release of IP.Downloads, and subsequently the interface and display is subject to change)

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