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Minor IP.Nexus 1.5.7 enhancement

We have added a minor enhancement to IP.Nexus 1.5.7 that we thought you might be interested to hear about.

Our customer service representatives found that when they "voided" an account in IP.Nexus (by clicking the "Void Account" button when viewing the customer screen in the ACP) that they often wanted to leave a customer note at the same time, explaining why the account was voided. For years they simply added the customer note manually after they voided the account. This isn't a big deal, but we identified a way to improve their workflow in this instance.

With the release of IP.Nexus, a textarea box has been added to the "Void Account" page (as long as you have permission to leave customer notes), allowing you to leave a customer note at the same time you void the account. This small change will save our customer service representatives time and effort while they perform their daily routines, and took us less than half an hour to do!

Have you found any small changes like the one identified above that would save you time and effort? Sometimes moving a button around or adding an extra form field can make all the difference!

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