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IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: ACP User Interface Enhancements

The Admin Control Panel (ACP) is a very comprehensive section of your IP.Board. The ACP is used for everything from managing members, creating forums to dealing with support tickets from within our IP.Nexus application.

Indeed, the ACP has grown so large that it can be a little bewildering remembering where pages are and you may find that there are areas of the ACP you rarely use and would like to tuck out of the way.

Happily, we've made significant improvements in these areas for IP.Board 3.4.

You probably use a handful of ACP pages numerous times a day and navigating to those pages may be a little cumbersome or you may find a really useful settings page but struggle a few days later to remember where it was.

The brand new bookmarks feature solves these problems.

The new bookmark system is available by the bookmark icon to the left of the tab bar. Clicking this will allow you to add a new bookmark for the page you're on while hovering over the icon opens the menu.

You can make the current bookmark your 'home' page. This means that after you log in, it'll take you to this page directly instead of showing the dashboard.

You can also drag and drop items to move them if you prefer more useful links at the top of the list.

Tab Preferences
Another common feature request has been the ability to re-order the tabs within the Admin CP. This functionality is now available. You may wish to give greater priority to a specific application or just clean up your tab bar by removing some of the pre-set tabs such as "Look & Feel".

Clicking the "Edit Tabs" link at the far right of the tab bar opens the preferences page.

You simply drag and drop the tabs from the Main Tab Bar onto the 'Other Apps' menu or vice-versa.

Here you can see that I've moved everything except the Nexus tab to the 'Other Apps' menu. This is ideal if you spend most of your time within IP.Nexus and want quick access to it.

We hope you enjoy these additional features to the Admin CP and we really believe they'll speed up your day to day tasks!

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