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Nominated Charities

IPS is introducing a program whereby we nominate a charity to receive our attention and support. These nominated charities are chosen by IPS for the work they do and how they might impact us personally.

The first nominated charity is Autism Speaks. You can find out more information on our charity page.

IPS and our Client Community

It is our goal to expose various charities to our client community and organize our many thousands of clients to do something good. We make community software and sell that software to our clients who use it to create thriving online communities. We believe that IPS and its clients share a common goal of communication and conversation - be it online or offline - and can work together for a greater purpose.

Every so often we will change up our nominated charity to spread around the good will of our client community to other worthy causes.

Please consider donating to this or other charities we may nominate in the future. We will collect all funds and distribute them to the charity and IPS will also donate funds as a company.

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