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License Changes Live

The license changes that we blogged about back in May are now live!

License Structure Changes

The main change is that IP.Board is no longer be the "root" license item. You now have a license to the IPS Community Suite and will then have the various applications as additions under that root license. Anyone with a current IP.Board Standard License or IP.Board Business License will see this change happen automatically in their client area in the coming weeks. There will be no change to your services of course. Those with an IP.Board Business License will see a new Priority Support package listed.

Here is how licenses worked before today:

  • IP.Board Standard License
    • IP.Blog
    • IP.Gallery
    • IP.Nexus
    • IP.Content
    • etc.

Here is how licenses now work:
  • IPS Community Suite
    • IP.Board
    • IP.Blog
    • IP.Nexus
    • etc.

Renewal Consolidation

We have also consolidated renewal dates on your packages. It was very cumbersome for both IPS and our clients to have the various apps under a license have different renewal dates. So we have changed this to prorate purchases so they all have the same renewal dates. Of course the renewal frequency and amount will not change from how it is now. For example, if you choose to add IP.Nexus to your existing IPS Community Suite license the order system will automatically give you a credit based on the number of days until your next renewal cycle so everything balances out.

When we switch over to this new setup your existing purchases will also be prorated and your renewal date for your licenses will adjust based on a formula that gives you credit for all days remaining on all of your licenses. This means your renewal date will change slightly as the system gives you credit for prepaid renewals.

If your license is currently expired then you will still be put into this new structure but just in an expired state so nothing will change. Legacy license holders will see no change to their license terms but will also see an adjustment in the structure shown here.


What if I don't want to renew a particular app?
No problem! Just log into the client area, click the app you don't want to renew and then click Cancel. This will cancel the renewals on that app and adjust the renewal rate on the IPS Community Suite license.

How do I cancel my IPS Community Suite license?
There is no need to cancel the IPS Community Suite license as it does not have renewal charges unless you have an active app under the license.

If I do not renew one or all of my apps what happens?
If you do not renew you will lose access to support, upgrades, and services related to the applications you chose not to renew. It's of course in your best interest to keep up to date with our latest releases for performance, features, and security plus access to our great support services. If you let your services expire you can of course renew them at any time by going to the client area, clicking your expired package, and then selecting Renew Now.

What happens when I purchase a new app?
If you want to extend the capabilities of your IPS Community Suite by purchasing a new app you can easily do this in the client area. Just order the app as normal and then you will associate it with your Suite license. Your purchase price will be automatically adjusted to account for the next renewal date on your license to keep everything in balance.

Why the change?
Not only is this structure easier for everyone (just one renewal date for everything) but also goes along with our future plans of releasing all of our products as one Suite rather than individual apps under IP.Board. It's an exciting project and we cannot wait to roll it out over the next few releases.

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