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Developer Documentation

While working toward the release of IP.Board 3.3.0 and IP.Content 2.3.0, the development team took some time to refresh our developer documentation, aiming to provide useful information for our third party developers in order to help them update their work as necessary. We are still very much working on expanding and updating the developer documentation we have in place, but we wanted to go ahead and reveal the new documents that are ready to give you a head start.

PHP Docs

We have refreshed the phpdoc export using doxygen.

View the phpdoc documentation

Developer Documentation

In addition to the generic phpdoc export, the development team has written several more specialized articles aimed at helping developers utilize our framework. While we have had developer documentation in place for some time, these articles are up to date and based on IP.Board 3.3.0. We have a list of several more articles we intend to publish over the coming weeks, and relevant developer documentation already available will be retained or updated as needed.

For now, you can view the new articles in the Developer Docs (New) category. Over time, these documents will be merged back into the main Developer Resources category. We have some cleanup and reviewing of our documentation structure to tackle first, but we didn't want this to hold up our valued third party developers in the mean time.

We are working hard at bringing all of our documentation up to date, and we hope that our community find these resources useful. More information to come!

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