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Pricing Changes and Volume Discounts

IPS is making some changes to our pricing to streamline our offerings and recognize changing business needs.

That Pesky One Cent

It gets pretty old saying "it's nine ninety nine" so we are going to round up all prices to their nearest dollar. So, for example, our community hosting Basic 10 service will now be $10 rather than $9.99 or IP.Blog will become $50 instead of $49.99.

Yes, we realize it's only $0.01 but really you have to admit $10 looks so much cleaner than $9.99. Rikki, our interface designer, is very happy at being able to clean up the web site design accordingly.

Business Needs

We introduced the IP.Board Standard and Business licenses toward the end of 2006 and have not adjusted the prices since then. That was over 5 years ago and as with everything else in the world, the cost of doing business for IPS has increased.

In addition to costs, we offer more free services included with the licenses (spam monitoring service, IP.Chat 5, IP.Tracker, Marketplace, free installs/upgrades, etc.) than we certainly could have dreamed up 5 years ago. Therefore, we are changing the price of the IP.Board Standard license to $175 and the IP.Board Business license to $400. The renewal pricing for these two licenses remains unchanged for all existing clients.

We will not be actually implementing these pricing changes until January 2012 so if you are considering using IPS software now is the time!

Multiple Licenses

We introduce a discount program for those with multiple licenses back in 2009 and it has been a huge success with clients purchasing often dozens of licenses to our software. The program we introduce in 2009 has remain unchanged and is simply if you have more than two full price licenses then the third and so on is $99.

That has worked great but we want to change it up so more clients can benefit. The new multiple license discount structure is as follows:

License 1: full price
License 2: 10% off
License 3 - 5: 30% off
License 6 - 25: 50% off
License 26+: contact us for special pricing

Best of all these discounts apply to all product licenses!

All of the changes listed will go live in January 2012.

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