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Converter Update and Suite Promotion

Since the very start of our company IPS has offered free scripts you can download to assist in converting from other forum or community software to our platform. Thousands of you have taken advantage of this over the years and we are happy you have chosen to be part of the IPS family.

We have put great effort into modernizing our community suite and that, combined with clients able to make clear comparisons with how IPS approaches community solutions against others, has resulted in the pace of conversions seeing a marked increase. As you can imagine we are thrilled and honored by this increase!

Updates to Converter Scripts

We were fortunate to have some clients with complicated conversions recently who were gracious enough to allow us to work with their database to make improvements to our conversion scripts that will benefit all of our clients.

Converting from another data source is a complicated process and is never an exact science. In addition to fixing many minor issues with the converter, we were able to greatly increase the speed a conversion takes to complete.

Example 1: 170,000 post community conversion reduced from 3 hours to 20 minutes
Example 2: 10 million post community conversion reduced from a week to 2 days

Of course these numbers will vary based on the hardware of your server but these are significant improvements we are happy to be able to bundle in the software.

Beyond speed improvements, these changes also mean less memory and processing power is used by the converter scripts so it impacts overall stability of your server less than before.

The bundled redirection scripts we include for popular forum softwares for SEO purposes are also updated to take advantage of other structural changes in the conversion routines to mean faster lookups of old vs. new locations so the redirect takes place with less delay. Though a small change every bit counts when you may have just moved millions of posts!

New features in a a converter script are rare since it is, let's be honest here, a pretty boring bit of software :smile:. However we were able to include support to transfer vB tags to the new IP.Board tagging system by popular request from the incredible number of converts we receive each week from that software.

Conversion Service

For many years IPS offered free converter scripts but also offered a paid conversion service if you preferred for our staff to do the conversion process for you. Because of the great increase in conversions I mentioned above (good thing), we also of course saw a huge increase in paid conversion service requests. The problem was we had so many our level of service dropped to the point we were not proud of what we were offering (bad thing) so we decided to stop offering paid conversion services a couple months ago.

The good news is that our great client community has stepped in and many clients who are long-term clients of IPS are now offering conversion services for those of you considering switching and would like some help. Check out our custom services directory for this information and for other services provided by our client community. There is a lot of great talent in our client community!

Full Suite Promotion

Are you ready to jump in and join the IPS family? We have made it technically easy to convert to IPS, now we want to make it even more enticing for you...

When you purchase multiple IPS products at one time you always get a bundle discount. When purchasing our entire Suite at once this discount is 25% off the total price (calculated as 5% off per-suite app you purchase). We are increasing the discount you get for each bundled app from 5% to 7% through the end of the year. That equates to an extra 10% or $43.99 off when purchasing our entire Suite!

This is a great time to purchase a brand new full license of IPS Community Suite and join or expanding client base and modern community software!

Feel free to email sales@invisionpower.com if you have any questions about IPS software or services. You can also post in our pre-sales forum to get impression from existing IPS clients.

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