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Development Update: IP.Board 3.2.3

Since the release of IP.Board 3.2 a few months ago, our immediate focus has been on fixing the bugs that have been reported and making fairly frequent releases to our customers. We're thrilled that IP.Board 3.2 has been a huge success and we've received a lot of feedback which we've enjoyed reading.

Now that the initial wave of bug fixes have been made, we've found the time to add in some functionality based on feedback from our customers. Here are some of the IP.Board enhancements that have gone in for 3.2.3.

HTML Emails
This has been a very popular request for a long time now and we've included this into 3.2.3. By default it is off, but you can enable it from the Email settings page in the admin control panel. This will also resolve issues with non Latin characters, right to left languages and more.
The HTML email wrapper is fully editable via the Look & Feel templates as normal and it automagically converts the current plain text templates into HTML so you don't need to change anything!

Import a URL Photo
We've had a fair number of requests for a simpler way to import a photo so we've included the ability to import a photo from a URL when in the photo editor. This copies the image to the forums server so it can be checked (to make sure it's actually an image!) and to create the thumbnail copy.

Editor Improvements
IP.Board 3.2.0 introduced a brand new editor and it really is one of the most complex areas of the software (no, really!). We've put a lot of focus into squashing those annoying BBCode bugs. We've also gone ahead and added the auto-save and 'toggle mode' functionality for editors in the admin control panel.

Of course, there are also numerous other bug fixes and improvements including more efficient Sphinx index building, iPad compatibility and more!

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