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IP.Board 3.2.0: Admin Forum Management

We've added a lot of exciting new functionality to IP.Board 3.2.0 already, such as tagging, shared media, enhanced calendars, "like" for posts and much more but we also haven't forgotten the most important part of the user experience: the interface.

A good example of re-working certain interface elements to improve work flow or to make a common task less daunting is the forum management screen in the admin CP.

We've not added a bunch of new features or radically altered how it works but we feel that we've made a significant improvement on the interface and thus the experience. We felt that the current forum management screen was very cluttered and the forms to create or edit a forum were a little confusing and not a little daunting as you are presented with a whole page of configurable settings and buttons.

Here's what the new overview screen looks like:

Better use of color and spacing makes it much cleaner and more readable.

The create a forum form is now split into three distinct sections to break down the information:

Of course, all the usual functionality is still present: the ability to re-order forums and categories, resynchronize data, etc. This is just a single example of our commitment to improve the user experience in all areas of the board.

Feel free to comment on this blog entry below or, if you have feedback unrelated to this blog entry, start a new topic in our feedback forum. Be sure to check the What's New in IP.Board 3.2 topic for a running list of announced changes!

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