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IP.Board 3.2.0: Admin Forum Management

We've added a lot of exciting new functionality to IP.Board 3.2.0 already, such as tagging, shared media, enhanced calendars, "like" for posts and much more but we also haven't forgotten the most important part of the user experience: the interface.

A good example of re-working certain interface elements to improve work flow or to make a common task less daunting is the forum management screen in the admin CP.

We've not added a bunch of new features or radically altered how it works but we feel that we've made a significant improvement on the interface and thus the experience. We felt that the current forum management screen was very cluttered and the forms to create or edit a forum were a little confusing and not a little daunting as you are presented with a whole page of configurable settings and buttons.

Here's what the new overview screen looks like:

Better use of color and spacing makes it much cleaner and more readable.

The create a forum form is now split into three distinct sections to break down the information:

Of course, all the usual functionality is still present: the ability to re-order forums and categories, resynchronize data, etc. This is just a single example of our commitment to improve the user experience in all areas of the board.

Feel free to comment on this blog entry below or, if you have feedback unrelated to this blog entry, start a new topic in our feedback forum. Be sure to check the What's New in IP.Board 3.2 topic for a running list of announced changes!



Recommended Comments

Excellent. :)

This should simplify it a great deal, especially helpful for new admins who sometimes struggle a little bit finding their way around creating a new forum and the stages required.

The new 'step by step' approach leaves no doubt about what is needed and the type of forum they are creating.

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[quote name='.Ian' timestamp='1301659701']
Am hoping there is a better way of adding and removing/editing privileges and indeed finding who are moderators on the various forums.

Perhaps the green blocks that list total moderators are clickable to provide a list ? :unsure: :)

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please add the pulldown permissions short cut menu to the permissions matrix for a forum. its so much faster to just copy anothers forum permissions rather than set each group in each forum individually.

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[quote name='TheRevTastic' timestamp='1301661706']
Still haven't added the feature to hide a forum but still have it accessible by url :(.

And you worked that out from seeing the finalized product? Perhaps it has been added but not shown yet? ;)

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[quote name='RPGF Nowe' timestamp='1301667719']
I wonder what Browser they use to view this stuff. Chrome/IE looks nothing like that XD. They probably use FireFox /hide.

They're giving screenshots of the new version they haven't released yet, it looks different from what you've seen because you've never had your hands on this version.

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  • Management

[quote name='marklcfc' timestamp='1301675828']
I'm more interested in what the general user will see tbh, all this admin stuff does nothing for me despite it looking alot cleaner! :whistle: so yeah, show us the new skin :)

We are kind of enjoying the suspense it's creating :ph34r:

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[quote name='Link2999' timestamp='1301700087']
I'm hoping that pink isn't going to stay in the final design. Looks a tad bit off :)

The pink color has been largely debated several times in the first update concerning the Admin Control Panel. Many have stated their opinions on how they don't really like the pink color, while others have stated they liked it. However, IMO, I believe the majority of them disliked the pink color. The final say, however, now lies with the designers. Guess we won't know for sure until 3.2 is out. :whistle:

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[quote name='Adriano Faria' timestamp='1301658682']
I really would like to see a CLONE FORUMS/SUBFORUMS feature. :blush:

Exactly! Many times after making a forum the next one is 95% likely to have the same settings (except with a different name and description (obviously)).
Now, the way we (or least me) do this, is that after creating one you click the back button on the browser change the title and description and then click the create button again
and tada! You got another forum like the previous except that with the changes you made. But if later on you need to add a forum like the current one you would have to check and compare the settings (which is kinda annoying).

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[quote name='Chito' timestamp='1301708728']
[quote name='Link2999' timestamp='1301700087']I'm hoping that pink isn't going to stay in the final design. Looks a tad bit off :)

What I believe would be best if it were the same color blue, but indented. Almost like it was pushed.

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