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IP.Board 3.2.0: New reputation mode - "Like"

In IP.Board 3.0.0 we added a reputation system. This allowed your members to "up-vote" and "down-vote" a post's "reputation". This not only allows you to quickly identify "valued" replies but you can also elect to filter out replies below a certain threshold.

This system has worked very well over the past few years and our own community receives many hundreds of positive votes for good or helpful content. It's a nice visual way of saying "Thanks!'.

We have extended this system in 3.2.0 to add a new reputation 'mode' selectable from the Admin Control Panel. This new mode works in the same manner as a "like" system often seen on social networking sites.

This "like" system is an even better visual way for identifying good content and makes it more personal by leaving your name in the "like" list rather than it being an anonymous donation.

Here are some screen shots:
Note: the following screen shots have been taken from my local development board. Expect the final interface to change

Here you can see that I've "liked" this post along with some other members.

Clicking the '1 other" link brings up an inline pop-up showing exactly who has "liked" this post.

Here's a brief video showing the system in action:

We hope that you "like" this new enhancement to our reputation system and find it brings a new level of interaction with your members.

Feel free to comment on this blog entry below or, if you have feedback unrelated to this blog entry, start a new topic in our feedback forum. Be sure to check the What's New in IP.Board 3.2 topic for a running list of announced changes!


Recommended Comments

Will the like system be extended to status updates?

Glad to see this for posts, although it does seem redundant with the reputation system. I almost feel the reputation system could be removed (convert +'s to likes...).

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[quote name='CycleChat' timestamp='1298639600']
Erm, sorry to nit-pick - but where is the "like" button?

the like button is the reputation + or - button , watch the clip :)

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The only thing that bothers me is the grammar xD Im not big on the stuff usually but the bit under the comment should say

"You, Him, Her, and X amount of people like this."


"You, Him, and Her, and X Amount of people like this."

At least to me xD

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[quote name='CycleChat' timestamp='1299450297'] Personally I wouldn't ever use a thumbs-down or dislike feature as they are negative and will breed negativity.Cheers,Shaun :D
What I do is only allow members to give 2 negative marks a day, but an unlimited number of positive marks. I find it works as a kind less-effort post-report.

I'm unclear as to how this is going to work in 3.2. I can see you can 'un-like' something you've already liked, but is there going to be an option to just dislike something?

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Just one question please.... Now we have for example: user 1, user 2, user 3 and 15 others like this post. Instead 15 othrs, is it possible to adjust to see names without opening pop-up, to be vissible like first 3? Thanks

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