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IP.Board 3.2.0: Text Editor Part III / Live Topic Replies

This entry rounds up our series of blogs on the new text editor and how we've enhanced other areas of the interface that use it.

I recently introduced the new text editor and then showed you some basic integration such as fast reply and instant quote.

I want to now show you the last piece of this feature set and resolve a common issue when making a reply.

Quite often you're on a busy board such as ours and you're using the fast reply to make a post and when submit the post you realise that others have posted in the mean time making your reply either redundant or out of context.

To solve this, IP.Board now checks at regular intervals to see if any new posts have come through and if so, you can add them to the page.

This screen shot shows the inline notification stating that there are new replies. Clicking on the link adds the replies into the topic.

This video shows the system working. Note, for this demo I increased the polling frequency to every few seconds.

So how does it work? Will it crash my server?
It's a bit clever and no! When you start typing you trigger the polling action which checks every 3 minutes for new posts. This is a very fast and light query that requires far fewer resources than a simple page refresh. It will continue polling until you either add the reply or an hour has passed. We added this upper limit to prevent instances where a reply is started but then the member changes tabs, etc.

I hope you enjoy this feature and all the new functionality we've added in this crucial area. Making posts is the very lifeblood of your forum and making it easier to contribute can only increase the number of posts made.

Feel free to comment on this blog entry below or, if you have feedback unrelated to this blog entry, start a new topic in our feedback forum. Be sure to check the What's New in IP.Board 3.2 topic for a running list of announced changes!


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[quote name='Edward Shephard' timestamp='1298032555']
Brilliant, thank you. Could we have a toggle to turn off the loading message please.

Yes, we're going to add the ability to remove that for certain methods, this will be one of them.

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Any chance we'll see some kind of super simple login/registration option included with replying and posting topics?

from superuser.com

Making posts is the very lifeblood of your forum and making it easier to contribute can only increase the number of posts made.

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[quote name='Matt' timestamp='1298055476']
The "quote" button already does this. We can relabel it 'reply'.

Yes, but then you have to delete the quote. A fast reply button simply drops the person down to the quick reply box.

I get an awful lot of people quoting long posts, simply because they click on the reply or quick quote button (depending upon the app)

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Why not give the "Reply" button duality?

If quick-reply is enabled on the board, the reply button puts you in the quick-reply box at the bottom of the topic and enables editing so you can begin typing.

If quick-reply isn't enabled, load the full editor.

To allow quick-repliers to access the full editor, just add a simple text link at the bottom right of the quick-reply window.

This way a quick-reply is just that - quick and simple. A single click.

Quote could be equally dual.

If quick-reply is enabled, each time you click "quote" it pushes the post content (wrapped in quote tags) into the quick-reply box. If you want to multi-quote just click "quote" for each post and the respective content is pushed into the quick-reply post at the end of the current reply text (with a new line inserted if required).

With quick-reply disabled it can work as it does now and collate all the quotes into the full editor.

The simpler option, of course, is to have quick-reply enabled permanently ... :thumbsup: ... so there aren't two similar systems to maintain!!!

Or is that how it will work anyway?

Shaun :D

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Very nice feature! Will the full editor also have this? It's a good idea to indicate the new replies with a different bg color or arrow on each reply.

Is it possible to activate this feature on a topic without the need to open fast or full editor? I want the topic to give an inline notification if there are any new posts every x seconds regardless of how long the window has been idle. Of course, there should be an option to enable or disable this live topic replies feature.

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