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IP.Board 3.2.0: New Text Editor

Nearly ten years ago, IP.Board shipped with a pretty advanced functional editor that allowed you to quickly format your text in a rough "WYSIWYG" format. This was an exciting technology. As the main browsers started adding better support for this functionality we updated our own code to keep up.

The internet is a constantly evolving space and web browsers and technology rise and fall and keeping up with these changes gets harder and harder. This is why we've added a new editor to 3.2.0 that is developed by a dedicated team outside of Invision Power Services.

IP.Board 3.2.0 will come with the excellent CKEditor as standard. It's a well developed and well tested editor that is very extensible. It's constantly updated which means that we simply have to update the version that comes with IP.Board to get all the latest fixes.

In general use, the new editor is much better at "WYSIWYG" (rich text editing) than our own current implementation and we've extended it further.

Please keep in mind that the screenshots and videos below are using a very early development copy of IP.Board 3.2.0 and the editor will likely be skinned in a little more to match IP.Board before we release.

All the usual IP.Board tools are present
We've written a lot of plug-ins so that no functionality is lost. You can still create custom BBcodes and add buttons to the editor easily via the Admin CP and you can still use your own smilies.

Switching between modes
We love the new editor and as it supports nearly all major browsers, it's the first choice for replying and adding new topics. However, there are times when you want to edit the BBCode directly and with that in mind, you can switch between rich text editing mode and simple text mode without a page reload.

Auto Saving Text
A new and really handy feature we've added is auto save. As you type, the editor checks to see if there's any new content and if there is, it'll ping off via Ajax to save what you've written. If anything happens to your page, upon reloading you'll see it's stored your content and you can quickly restore it. You won't lose another post to a browser crash or server time out.

IP.Board saves as you go.

A refresh without posting allows you to view and optionally restore any content that has been auto saved.

We hope that you enjoy the new editor in IP.Board 3.2.0 and the extra functionality we've added. We're excited to use it ourselves!


Recommended Comments

All that looks pretty and sounds exciting, but what about system resouces? Some of my members are still using Pentium3 and if this new editor is going to cause PC problems with memory hogs, then i will stick to 3.1. Also, what are the risks of this editor using even more server resources? I have a feeling you will say "no extra resource usage". It's a business after all. LOL

P.S. As i'm typing this, i notice an annoying bug, i don't see the blinking text vertical pointer, to show me where i'm typing. It's just plain white here. If you new editor is anything like this one, then byebye!

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[quote name='shaks' timestamp='1297265418']P.S. As i'm typing this, i notice an annoying bug, i don't see the blinking text vertical pointer, to show me where i'm typing. It's just plain white here. If you new editor is anything like this one, then byebye!

The "trick" to solving that one is usually to click an emoticon. That often makes the cursor appear so you can see what you're doing!!! :thumbsup:

One of the many little niggles that I hope will be eradicated by using CKEditor .... (w00t)

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Once again, nice improvements, Matt.
When talking of the editor, it would be nice that the reply editor in posts, was before all the other stuff that is currently there.
I made a suggestion here, to simplify things around the editor. 99% of the time, most people will want to just jump into writing a reply.
But the current layout is far too messy, with the options for polls, file attachments, post options, etc in the way for a quick reply.
So this should be at the bottom and maybe with expandable click (+).

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I'd like to urge that IPB's customized version include the "Source" button. It's almost as good as the v2.x solution of being able to switch between Standard Text and Rich Text editors (The one major difference I've seen so far is an inability to paste BBcode-formatted text into the editor window and have the BBcode be interpreted. Even in Source mode, CK editor seems to see the pasted BBcodes as content text)

I realize that the Source button may not seem like it would be of much use to "basic" users, but it's valuable to experienced users [who may prefer to type basic formatting tags vs grabbing their mouse for a button) and staff (who may have to fix messed up formatting), and I don't see it hindering basic users

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I'm a little late to this party, but very happy to see what's coming.

Q: The current RTE strips formatting from things that are cut-and-pasted into the box and we lose a lot of formatting (first line index, line spacing) when that happens.

Do you know if the CKEditor is going to be able to retain formatting w/cut and pasted stuff?

(And I agree with those who want to switch between RTE mode and some sort of Source mode. I often post HTML in order to create tables and copy some already-built web page information, or just to force the output the way I want.)

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[quote name='Gavrisimo' timestamp='1297183739'] Awesome news! :)One thing though that i noticed, it would be cool that when you switch from rich text editing mode to simple text mode, that you still have buttons that you can click. Pretty much the way current editor works, if you are in simple text mode, you can select some word, click bold button and then see your word being wrapped in:
I completely agree with this. I have already had some members private messaging me with particular issues. one member had a problem posting images. he is not the most computer literate person and fully admits that, and he usually posts images by right clicking and pasting code from photobucket. he has found it very difficult to adapt to the new editor that does not allow pasting from the right click menu. I suggested he use the simple editor but then he cannot use the buttons to center his post or make words bold etc. I like the new editor, it is very nice editor for those that wish to use it but the biggest problem I find with this new system is that it removes functionality from the simple editor. i personally prefer the basic editor as i am a programmer and i feel more comfortable seeing the code that I am using. I don't feel comfortable with software taking away my control and transparency. I can probably use the tags manually just fine but i used to insert the bbcode using buttons. why were these removed?

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Unfortunately when we turn off the WYSIWYG editor, we cannot use BBCode buttons, I have to write it by myself. Can you return this option back, please? To be able to use both editors, one from 3.1 and this one.

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