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Spam Monitoring Service Statistics

We thought everyone might find a few statistics from our Spam Monitoring Service interesting. Since the rate of spam registrations has greatly increased since the first of the year we are of course seeing greater activity on the service.

All stats are since 1 January 2011 to 13 January 2011.

  • The spam service has processed 300,000 requests and the rate is accelerating as more people are activating the service since spamming has increased over the last couple weeks.
  • About 30% were marked as spam accounts and therefore prevented from registering on IP.Board's that use the service. This is of course a much higher percentage then even a few weeks prior to the influx of spam registrations.
  • The service has "learned" from the activity and permanently black listed about 5000 emails and IP addresses.
  • Of those the service blocked, about 10% were due to IP.Board administrators and moderator using the "flag as spam" feature which tells the service that an account is from a spammer. So keep reporting!

It's our hope that Google's reCAPTCHA service will soon be improved. In the mean time be sure to follow the tips in our announcement to prevent spam registrations.

We can never 100% stop spam but our Spam Monitoring Service is another tool to help prevent registrations from impacting your community. The service is a free IPS Extra for anyone with an active IP.Board license or IPS Community Hosting client.

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