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IP.Downloads 2.3 Dev Update: Interface Changes

Note: Since this entry was published, our Resources area has been updated with the new version. Go there now to see these features live!

One of the main aims for IP.Downloads 2.3 was to overhaul the interface to bring it up to scratch. To that end, we have focused on 3 major areas in this revision, which we'd like to show you now.

File Submission

The current submission screen in IP.Downloads became unwieldy as multiple options and configurations appeared in each release. We've redesigned the upload process from scratch, to properly guide the user through each step and put the files they're uploading at the center of what they're doing.

The new screen is composed of three steps: files, screenshots and information. It's displayed as an accordion so the user can focus on one thing at a time:

The next step is to add screenshots to the entry:

Notice here that the first screenshot is highlighted; this is the new Primary Screenshot feature covered in yesterday's blog entry, allowing you to set the 'main' screenshot for a file. To do so here, you simply click it to highlight it.

Finally, you add metadata...

File View

Next we updated the view file page.

Notice the primary screenshot is shown prominently next to the description, whereas other screenshots are available below.

IP.Downloads Portal

The final screen isn't so much an overhaul as a brand new page altogether. We felt one of the areas that could be improved in IP.Downloads is being presented with interesting downloads right on the front page, rather than a clinical list of categories. To achieve that, we've updated the homepage to be a portal of content, like so:

Three main panels appear on the homepage: what's new, highest rated files, and most watched files. Each panel shows up to 18 files in a scrollable pane so it's easy for users to browse.

In the sidebar, we show top downloads and top authors. Note that if you have the IP.Nexus/IP.Downloads integration enabled, instead of seeing Top Downloads, you'll see Top Free Files and Top Paid Files. Also when the integration is enabled, files will display their price:

We hope you enjoy what's coming in IP.Downloads 2.3, and we'd love to hear your feedback!

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