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IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Profile Customization

The IP.Board 2 series introduced a number of new profile features designed to make your profile page a little more interactive. Besides the usual stats and figures, we introduced a personal photo and the ability to leave comments and list recent visitors. This made your profile page a little more personal and encouraged repeat visits.

With the status updates feature in IP.Board 3.1, the profile page is becoming increasingly like a little user portal. With that in mind, we've extended the personalization options to include profile page background customization. You can allow your members permission to add a new background image or change the background color which instantly changes the feel of the page.

Here's an example of my own profile:

I've chosen a beach scene, so I've not tiled the image. This allows the image to not repeat and remain 'fixed' so that when you scroll, the background doesn't scroll with it.

You'll note a new menu item in the User Control Panel:

Naturally, you as the administrator can control which groups have permission to do this:

When the user adds a profile background, the margins on the profile page increase so you can see the background image. If the user doesn't have a background image set, the profile appears as normal with minimal padding. You can adjust this by editing the profile page CSS as normal via the Admin CP.

The profile page has undergone a few tweaks to make it a little neater. We've moved all the user's information into the left hand bar leaving more space to the right for other data such as the status updates, etc. We plan to develop user customization further in future releases.

Technical Notes:
- Group settings to enable / allow uploads / allow URL images / maximum upload size
- Ability to disable on a per-user basis
- Ability to tile an image, or to fix it (background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed)



Recommended Comments

Is the default tab now status updates? I kind of liked the default as about me. But I like that you moved the info. I had to modify my skin to do that. The background images are going to be interesting. Lets see how skinners try to keep the theme and background images per user. I can imagine there will be more light skins or chameleon profile views.

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[quote name='RObiN-HoOD' date='17 February 2010 - 05:03 PM']
Features like these are nice and can be used for community supporters! Thanks!

Agreed. Matt I am waiting for your PM enhancement blog. :D I like this new feature!

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I appreciate that the profile content area seems to have been isolated from the background--that's a good change. The shuffled info seems to be as well.

As a whole, though, this seems like it could be difficult for skinners to incorporate. How is the background applied, are skinners allowed to handle the particulars of that?

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  • Management

No1 1000 / Local Host - If the user has a BG image set, then inline CSS "over-rules" the body definition. This all editable in the HTML and CSS, nothing is hard-coded so skinners can tweak as they need. For example, if they have a full width div, they can just apply the BG image to that. It's very easy to adjust.

DarkGizmo - We do want to add more customization but it'll take a few point releases to get there.

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