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New Mobile skin coming soon

New Mobile skin

When we developed IP.Board 3.0, we took the decision to keep the same basic Lo-Fi skin that appeared in IP.Board 2.x, but expand it to include the ability to post, which was a commonly requested feature. Since 3.0's release, we've had a lot of feedback requesting that we expand the Lo-Fi skin further, and create a truly mobile experience for IP.Board users. Now we're pleased to introduce the new Mobile skin.

The new Mobile skin provides handy trimmed-down access to almost all areas of IP.Board, including topics, posting, searching and the messenger. Non-essential information and features have been stripped out, to ensure the interface for mobile device users is uncluttered as well as quick to download and render.

The CSS used to build the Mobile skin is minimal, to help keep page sizes down, but we have added a splash a color to enable webmasters to brand their Mobile skin, if they wish. By default, the Mobile skin is traditional IP.Board blue. A GDK for the few images that appear will be released in due course.

We've designed the Mobile skin to be usable on any modern mobile device, such as iPhone and Blackberry. It should look great on any size screen, too.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the new look, and any questions you have! The skin will be available for testing on this forum in the next few days.

Oh, one more thing... it has topic markers :)



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The skin looks great, Rikki.. My only concern would be that the pagination looks harder to use on a mobile than the actual pagination is. The click area is too small, you want it to be as big as possible for the touch screen devices, really.

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RobertMidd: It will work with IP.Board and Blog. I am undecided as to whether I'm going to attempt Gallery; when the sizes of the images can't be controlled in the skin, I have a feeling it's going to futile to try and make it mobile. We will see though.

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Me likey. A lot. Eagerly awaiting its release. :)

@DarkGizmo: IPB3 already has user agent mapping to various skins, so as long as that's working properly, it'll detect the iPhone, etc., and redirect as necessary. I don't know how many phones the user agent mapping currently knows about, but you do have the option of adding more via the ACP.

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