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Community Hosting Enhancements

Our new community hosting packages have been quite popular but some clients expressed a bit of confusion or provided helpful feedback so we have made some enhancements to the packages.

All community hosting packages have seen their posts and file storage increased. Also, all packages (except Basic 10) have had their online user limits increased!

Any current clients on these packages will get these upgrades applied today!

We also clarified that limits on our community hosting are not firm limits and we would never shut you down or charge you extra for temporarily exceeding the limits. The Advanced package limits have also increased.

Thank you all for your feedback!



Recommended Comments

Even if you have a board with around 8 users online and with 200.000 posts you have to upgrade to Plus 40 for $29,99/month?? Because there's no way of deleting posts of users. Forums should work as archives and not like a place to chat where posts doesn't matter! All posts of my users matters and should not be deleted! The post limit is a shame!

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OK, I think I agree with the guy above me. It's not fair to ask a community to delete stuff from their archives just to stay in the lower packages and not go over post limits. Quite honestly, this is probably the most silly thing I've ever seen from IPS.

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