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IP.Board 3 Facebook Connect

IP.Board will now support a basic implementation of Facebook Connect as an option for logging into IP.Board and associating their account with the same login as their Facebook account. This feature will be off by default and can be optionally enabled by the administrator. We will have a technical specifications draft available in our knowledgebase upon release for those who care, but the basics are as follows:

  1. You must first register an "application" on Facebook's website pointing to the integration file included with IP.Board 3. You then must enter some basic keys that Facebook provides in your ACP.
  2. Users will have the ability to use Facebook Connect to login to your site. They will also have the ability to either associate their Facebook account with an existing IP.Board account, or create a new IP.Board account.
  3. Basic profile data such as avatar, profile picture, "About Me", and status will be synced to IP.Board from Facebook

We have purposely kept the complexity of the various syncing options available through Facebook Connect to a minimum. We have many ideas on how we would like to expand the capabilities in the future, but we wanted to keep this integration basic for the time being.

Facebook Connect support will be available with the second beta release of IP.Board, and will be available on the preview site to test with beginning Monday.

We hope you enjoy!

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