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Recent advances in technology coupled with a tremendous increase in online awareness have had a profound effect on the growth of online communities. To better serve both present and future customers and in the interest of furthering our position as a leader in online community development, we are pleased to announce that we will immediately increase and refocus all development resources to the enhancement and expansion of our community offerings.

While we will evaluate the position of IP.Nexus in the marketplace at a later date, we recognize that the core of IPS is our community product and solution line and as such, our priority lies with the continued growth and enhancement of that very core. We will be allowing the current beta of IP.Nexus to expire on July 31 and will revisit our content management and business services plans after our upcoming releases of our community software products including IP.Board, IP.Gallery, IP.Blog, and IP.Downloads.

In coming weeks and months, please expect significant improvements to our existing community line as well as new components which compliment existing products. We're very excited about what the future holds and are confident that you will be equally pleased with the increased quality and speed at which we will be able to deliver new products and services.

Thank you all for your continued support and stay tuned for further updates!



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As the administrator for a quite big forum tied with a paper magazine, I saw a big potential in Nexus. Both in the member management, billing system - and download system.
I sincerely hope Nexus isn't killed permanently, rather postponed until IPB 3.0 is released and the the board components are updated.

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[quote name='Olsberg' date='Jun 23 2008, 03:56 AM']I sincerely hope Nexus isn't killed permanently, rather postponed until IPB 3.0 is released and the the board components are updated.

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[quote name='Josh Harris' date='Jun 25 2008, 04:32 AM'][quote name='ysun' date='Jun 22 2008, 10:14 AM']A pure board or a bbs software will be less important in the future.

Says who exactly? <_<

Said by me. We will see more online/offline functions and applications be invented not surround the core of a board or bbs. Now some of them may be invented for blog, for file up/download, for gallery sharing. But in the future, all applications will build for a core which is for making up the applications. At that time, the functions of a board will be more simple than today. It will be just a place to discuss, any other board functions we see now will be parts of the other applications.

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IPB is very DE-focused
when I saw nexus is deleloping some "helpdesk" function..what? try to compete with hosting helpdesk or what?
majority of forum users don't need help desk this much
focus on making your "existing" products better before charging everything

example? IP.Blog, still now could not allow members to change/upload their own logo and expect members to edit their own CSS file...

see the reality of world out there?

facebook= FREE

IP.blog is designed to make our members sticky to forum, but actually, it is NOT ....

Stay at your core and develop FASTER


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