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OpenID Login Module available for testing

We have put together a login module which fully supports OpenID 1.x and 2.x protocol specifications.

This module is a beta release which we hope to expand upon. It is available freely to all customers with access to our official resource site in the IPS Releases category.

Click here to view this file

For those not familiar with OpenID, it is a protocol specification that allows a user to select a trust root (a site they can trust) and register. Then, on any site that supports OpenID, the user actually logs in through their trust root, instead of your site. Behind the scenes, your site and the trust root verify that the user is who they say they are, and if authenticated your site will allow access.

More information on OpenID can be found at openid.net (official site) and on Wikipedia.

This module only adds OpenID Consumer support - it does not add OpenID Provider support.

Please remember - this is a beta release of the login module, and as such there may be bugs or other issues with the module. If you are interested in using this login functionality you should test it out on a test site before applying it to your live site, to be certain there are no issues. As with any modifications, IPS does not support this modification directly. If you have issues with the module and require assistance, you should leave a comment on the file's download page.

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