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IP.Nexus Dev Update: Referrals


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IP.Nexus is designed to give administrators the tools to monetize their community. Not only is this about selling products and services (or accepting donations) but promoting your site as well.
Many customers have asked us about a referral system. Until IP.Nexus, there would have been little incentive for members to use such a system. With IP.Nexus, not only can members refer their friends using banners you create, but they can receive commission on products and services that members they refer purchase through IP.Nexus.

You can enable referrals and configure the commission percentage in the Admin CP.

You can also set up the banners that members can use.

If you don't set any up (or in addition to any that you do), a simple text link will be available.
Banners can be uploaded images, or you can supply an image URL.

In the Client Area, members can view all the banners you've set up and the HTML and BBCode to display them.

If somebody then clicks a banner posted on a website by one of your members and registers on your community, IP.Nexus will create a link between the two members.
If that member then proceeds to make any purchases, and you have defined a commission percentage, IP.Nexus will award commission to the referring member in the form of account credit (we will discuss account credit in a future blog entry).

The customer page in IP.Nexus indicates who a members was referred by and any members they have referred. In addition, you can see how much commission a members has earned through referrals:

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