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  1. About Invision Community

    Everyone here at Invision Power Services, Inc., (IPS), the company that makes Invision Community, is happy you have chosen our system to power your Community! We are very proud of what we do and enjoy helping our clients grow their Community. Let's first go over general terms and concepts in Invision Community. General Terms No one wants to read a glossary of terms so we will keep this short but it's important to know what we are talking about when we use a term or abbrevi
  2. Install and Upgrade

    Installing Note that on our cloud services we install Invision Community for you so this entire section on installing may be skipped.   Applies to self-hosted customers only Installing Invision Community on your server is very easy. Just follow these steps: Ensure your server meets the system requirements. Download our compatibility checker. Download the latest version from the client area by selecting Manage Purchases then your purchased license.
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