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Member Preferences and Features

  1. Editing your profile

    Profiles can form a key part of your community. Each member of your site will have one that can be viewed by other members (should they have permission to do so) and can be customised to the members liking. A members content and other important information relating a member can be found in this area. Editing your profile information To get to your profile you can select your name at the top of the page and select "Profile" as seen in the image below. Profile Link
  2. Managing followed content

    With all the content that you can follow in the IPS community suite, it is important that you can manage this easily and in one place. You can manage your followed content in this way by selecting your name in the top right, then selecting "Manage Followed Content" Manage Followed Content When clicking on this option, you will be presented with the following screen. You will notice that you can filter through different types of content using the menu on the left of the page
  3. Post color highlighting

    Often when you are reading a topic, comments, or other posts, you will see team members replying. Although IPS Community Suite already allows groups to set up custom images and member titles, these replies can get lost in the noise. Within IPS4, you can switch on post highlighting per member group. This makes sure the reply stands out from the rest of the replies, as shown in the images below. Highlighted Post   Of course, this feature works everywhere; from cal
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