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Released 02/07/2017

Key Changes

Fixes the following issues:

  • SQL error when adding Commerce package or customer field.
  • SQL error when setting up topic archiving.
  • The ‘show reply’ button in notification popup reloads the page instead of loading content inline.
  • Opting out of security questions may not work.
  • Word filters not applying correctly.
  • Reordering custom profile fields may not work properly.
  • Draft or future blog entries may be included in the sitemap.
  • Rounding issue with half-percentage tax rates in Commerce.

Adds a "More Colors" option to the color dropdown in the editor.

Release Patches

We sometimes release patches for issues that come up frequently between full releases. If you are experiencing any of the issues below on this version you can download and apply the patches using the instructions provided.
  • If you are unable to create admin controllers when developing applications, please upload the following files:

  • If after editing a block that shows posts (or comments) it doesn't show anything, please upload the following file
  • If you are experiencing issues with the Activity Stream Filters, please upload following file:
  • If you have converted from 3rd party software and are experiencing issues with old links not redirecting, please upload the contents of convert.zip to:

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