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  1. I am also having this issue. There is no option to turn it off, for now I will have to remove bot permissions regarding managing roles. If a user does not have a role on the website and syncs their discord account, the bot goes into discord and removes their role repeatedly (even if they haven't logged on anytime recently) no matter how many times an admin manually re-adds it in the discord.
  2. Figured it out thanks. Is there an easy way to reference a user's discord name in html? (so I can use them in their public profiles, for example).
  3. Does anyone know how to move the default "sign in with discord" underneath the traditional sign-up form rather than having it be side to side. I've been able to edit plugin xmls or going into the theme html for minor edits with other apps, but I cannot find where I would do that for this plugin on my own. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Also thanks to the author for their hard work this plugin is great! EDIT: I am using the default ipb theme btw
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