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  1. $5.00

    Blue Paradise

    Welcome to Blue Paradise!
    This is a my first Official Theme! Blue Paradise!  
    This is a Flat Theme! Fast and running! GoToTop Supported! All in English language! Tested with the functions of IPB 4.3! You can editing the theme with HTML & CSS. It's Simple!  
    This is my forum, where you can see the theme applied. It is not a support forum. http://poke-world.net/forum/
    I accept suggestions and constructive criticism. Rate the Theme!  
    This is also a support topic.
    if you find any error, please write in the comments!

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  2. $2.00

    Advanced WebSite System

    Hello everyone!
    This application allows you to create a website by IP Board 4!
    The operation is simple, everything is based on the IP Board 4 pages system.
    You must create a .html page from your Admin CP, and then, by Admin CP, you must create a database on which to apply your own categories. I suggest you put on the home page of the latest news, instead of categories, so that the graph change is known more!
    Then apply Template uploading your Admin CP.
    All the specifications in the ReadMe.txt that report below.
    I repeat, you will find the directions in ReadMe.txt file.
    I accept suggestions and constructive criticism, this is the first version, is not complete, slowly with upgrades will improve. If you have ideas for what to improve, write it in the comments to let me know
    Here is the site applied to my forum. I do not provide support, it is my personal forum, it is just to let you see how it works.
    If you need support, please contact me by MP, thank you. You can also write in the comments, in case.

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