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  1. Hey, when users quote posts in their reply, it mis-represents who's saying what in Discord, which could be troublesome. Any chance for the ability to include the whole quote? Additionally, if you add a notification for Post (IPS\forums\Topic\Post), it also triggers when Post (IPS\forums\Topic) triggers. I assume this is something to do with IPBoard itself, but it means you can't have descriptive post titles like "New Topic" for example, because the "New Reply" notification would trigger at the same time. Eg
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! It's the block you can see at the top of my IPS installation here: You can also see the full page you can view here: https://hyplex.co/forum/leaderboard/ You can read about the IPS announcement of the leaderboards here:
  3. This doesn't seem to add towards the ratings/reputation leaderboards? Is that a possible feature/bug?
    It works well, so a star for that - and it looks nice, so another star for that. I don't like how the more colum is displayed regardless of the fact it's not being used. The shamless self promotion is pretty over-done - plastering your name in both the admin area and the top of the actual tool multiple times, which you're charging money for on top of that. It add two donate buttons to the admin area, after we've paid for it, which seems pretty dis-respectful in my opinion to the fact we've already paid you for the work. This also change the admin homepage from the system overview to the game server overview which is also pretty annoying. A small bug: when you click the "Show Players" button it just pops up with a list of brackets like below, respective to the amount of players online: There's a lot which could be improved on, especially when you're asking for donations on top of the purchase price, and plastering your name around like a proud daddy.
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