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  1. Make sure that it's enabled (the update disables it) and it should show up.
  2. Thank you. Yes, in the ACP I can see everything but I was referring to publicly show the members and also the amount of guests. It used to show this stat and was wondering if there is a way to show how many members, how many guests and then a total of them both.
  3. The older version of this software used to show guests and you could click to see who was online and it would show not only registered members, but also guests, google etc. I would love to get this feature back as it shows more precisely how many people (and bots) are viewing the forum, thus shows a more realistic picture of traffic.
  4. Good Morning, Is there a way to show the number of guests browsing my site instead of only members? With the old version it used to show this but I can't seem to find how to get this to work now. I used the slider on the left to edit the boxes but no luck there.
  5. I created a new forum and just moved everything in the subforum and then deleted it. Thanks again for your quick reply and help. 🙂
  6. Thank you very much for the reply. I did that and this is what it looks like now.
  7. I created a subforum but now want it to be it's own forum. How do I do this? Thanks!
  8. tsruha

    Chatbox Extender

    Is there a way to show how many people are in chat on the chat tab or somewhere on the main page? As it is, you have to enter into the chatbox to see who's in there.
  9. Just purchased. How do I add an image to show up on the right of this footer?
  10. I'm currently paying for a dedicated server for my forum and I have no idea if I'm paying for more resources than what I need. My forum is small with not a lot of traffic and I don't anticipate much more growth. www.quittrain.com I pay $170 per month for hosting. Any help and guidance is much appreciated. My bandwidth per month is - IN: 1.38 GB, OUT: 4.28 GB Current hardware OS: CentOS Memory (RAM): 16384 Processor: 3.4Ghz Quad Core + HT
  11. Some of us pay developers on your list to do projects for us and I have one sitting in my inbox to fix a problem on one of my apps and I can't download it because it says I don't have permission to do that. Never had a problem before the beta version of 4.0 on this forum.
  12. I mean just the basic stuff. Which tag to choose to post a YouTube video, how to post a picture. Just the basics to get their feet we and as they learn this, they'll feel more confident and start exploring more features that may be available to them. What's simple to us can be very frustrating to others. I have a quit smoking message board and the last thing I want to do is add frustration, lol :smile:
  13. I was wondering if there are any resources out there that explain how to use all of the features of these forums. Like how to post pictures, use the calendar etc. A tutorial of sorts that I could link on my board so members can learn how to use everything. It takes a lot of time to answer all the questions and explain things and would be a huge help if there is a video, a page or something to answer a lot of these questions. Thanks!--tsruha
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