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Downloads posted by Ramzzes

  1. $3.00

    Toggle Show/Hide Sidebar Widgets

    Compatible with IPS 4.3
    The plugin adds a button to collapse/disclosure widgets in the sidebar
    As the key to preserve the state of the widget is its title.

    1 purchase   93 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  2. Free

    Remove Newest Member Info

    Tested in default theme. In the custom theme plugin may not work.
    Plugin compatible with IPS 4.2.


       (0 reviews)


  3. $3.50

    Disable Ads for URLs

    The plugin disables built-in advertising system on the pages with the specified URL. This may be required, for example, to comply with Google Adsense rules.
    Each URL starts with a new line. You can use the * wildcard character (any characters). For example:
    /calendar/* /register/* /topic/first-topic/* /topic/second-topic/?page=2 Regular expressions that must begin and end with a # character are supported. Example of regular expression for login, registration, and terms pages:

    16 purchases   27 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  4. $3.00

    Custom Path for Attachments

    Compatible with IPS 4.3
    This plugin allows you to set a more convenient path to save attachments instead of the standard monthly_xxx_xx.
    The plugin only works for new attachments.

    1 purchase   2 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  5. $6.00

    Recycle Bin for Forum

    Compatible with IPS 4.3
    The plugin allows you to choose the forum for deleted topics.
    Instead of deleting the topic will be moved to this forum.
    1. Create a new forum for deleted topics. You can make it unavailable for public access.
    2. Select this forum in the plugin settings (field "Recycle bin forum").
    3. Select the forums from which topics when you delete will be moved to trash.

    36 purchases   72 downloads

       (5 reviews)


  6. $6.00

    Custom Date Format

    Compatible with IPS 4.3
    The plugin provides the ability to specify a custom date format.
    Also, the plugin supports separate formats for today's and yesterday's dates.

    29 purchases   62 downloads

       (1 review)


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