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  1. Is it possible to be able to choose to view signatures when reading forum on mobile?
  2. Sure - this is the link I have tested above: https://www.ted.com/talks/ruth_chang_how_to_make_hard_choices Thanks, I will try that! EDIT: Worked perfectly!
  3. When I paste a link to a video on Ted.com it gets embedded in the preview and I get the " Your link has been automatically embedded." message, but when I post it, all I get is a big blank space where the video should have been. Videos from youtube work correctly. Is it a setting somewhere? Or does it not work with ted talks videos? EDIT: I see that it's the same issue here. So maybe it just doesn't work with ted talk videos, or am I doing it wrong? Test:
  4. I disagree (regarding my board and business anyway). I've been the Admin for 15 years now and had the private forums for (paying) members for 10 years. My experience with this, is that the forums are best with the owners in charge and private for those end their members - it's their own place on the board and a lot of them are using it for really sensitive information with a smaller group, for example about mental health, personal conflicts etc. I should of course be able to see the content if really necessary (and not without warning if you ask me), but reading it every day as part of my ordinary user experience on my board does not feel right. I avoid it manually for now.
  5. OK; that's good to know at least. And no chance of not having to view all the content from clubs that I am not a member of, as a setting? I am used to the old Member Teams Mod, which worked a lot like Clubs, but as default I only saw the content of teams I was a member of so this is really hard for me to get used to. It's none of my business private stuff in there, kind of.
  6. Hm, It doesn't work here anyway atm. I apply changes and save as new stream, but the changes don't get applied. I see all topics from all forums, and next time I click in the narrow by forum, all the forums I chose are gone. Maybe that's a different thread. But never mind, it doesn't really seem like the best solution for me anyway, although I appreciate the help!
  7. Thanks ... not the most elegant way with all the forums I have, but doable, I guess.
  8. How do I create a custom stream without specific clubs/forums? It would be nice though not to be forced to view content from all clubs as an admin, since there is a lot of private content in there, which I would rather be without. I guess another way could be to remove my active user from admin group and have a separate admin, but would rather not have to do that.
  9. Can I, as an Admin, somehow be free of seeing all of the new content from Clubs, in my activity streams? (except those where I am a member myself of course)
  10. In December 2003 when I first startet my online community, it was quite random that the choice fell on Invision Power Board. Later though, I did some research on different community software, looked at pros and cons, and I was still happy with my choice. The forums look and work smooth and are very adaptable. I was able to add paid subscription packages back in 2008. The admin control panel is intuitive to use. And it only gets better. I am happy to pay for the constant development and the support that I can get.
  11. Thank you, that was exactly what I needed!
  12. Is it not possible? Or is it not clear what I am asking?
  13. Great plugin, thanks! Is it possible to remove the clubs showing by your posts inside a thread?
  14. It doesn't seem like anything for epay exists in the marketplace, neither for version 3/Nexus or version 4/Commerce. Or should I look for something more general that I can edit into own payment gateway?
  15. Is anyone here using the epay payment gateway? I am using this payment gateway on my current forum, which unfortunately still is a very old 2.3 version. I have been trying to test upgrade to version 4.1, but so far I can only make version 3.4 work (support is helping me, but so far no solution). I will have to live upgrade this Thursday, whether it will only be to version 3.4 og hopefully to version 4.1. And then I will have to integrate my payment gateway again. I haven't done that since last time 8 years ago, so I hardly remember how I did it ... but I was wondering if anyone else here is using epay gateway solution, and know how it's done? Or maybe using any other gateway, that is not common and now how to integrate a "other" payment gateway? In either version 3 or 4 og IPB ...
  16. I got the same error when upgrading to ips4 anyway, so i guess I will have to wait for support.
  17. Ah - the Calendar wasn't installed at all - I don't know why it showed that it was there then, but probably something to do with the 2.3->3.4 upgrade. Anyway - Calendar installed and working now! Thanks for the help. I'm going to try to run the testupgrade to IPB4 now and hope I won't see those errors again.
  18. I'll try to reinstall the calendar. It seems like it's not there in the file system.
  19. No - and now that you mention it, it does look a little strange, that the version of the calendar is missing below.
  20. Great tip! Unfortunately rebuilding didn't work. Cache management -> Rebuild FURL cache, right? And I've also clicked recache all. This is the url http://34.morsverden.dk/take2/debat/admin/index.php?adsess=b8629e134007faf97ff0091119d56cf0&app=calendar
  21. Thanks for the tip ... I've already done that though, but this is a slow process and I'm a bit under time pressure. I might have been lucky and someone had the exact same errors I've been told to revert back to 3.4.9 so they can investigate, so that's where I'm at now. The calendar app was disabled, so I enabled it, but it gives med an error when I click in Other apps -> Calendar. Anyway, I'll take it with the support, but you never know if someone out there has had the same experience or knows what to do about a [#404] incorrect_furl System Error. (a quick search in this forum says that it would be an idea to restore from a backup ... but this IS my restore from a backup of my upgrade from 2.3 ... I've done the test upgrade to 3.4 twice now. So anyway - yes, I will probably have to wait for the support Thanks).
  22. PS. My calendar from 2.3 does not need to be upgradet. It's such a small thing to start from scratch with, compared to so much else I have to start from scratch with anyway. Is there anyway to torn off the calendar upgrades? Should I just keep clicking continue?
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