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  1. Anyone knows what's up with that? Using Google Auth. Should I reconnect it to Invision or something?
  2. Even if Commerce is probably too costly for startups who only seek subscription system, the additional advantage of Patreon is networking. Patreon is a content creator hub, and its users are likely to back several projects through this platform, something they wouldn't usually do. I see Commerce and Patreon working in conjunction rather than competing against each other. Startups start off with Patreon, a huge and established platform, and when their site grows enough, they can add their own subscription option through Commerce. Both have merit.
  3. News: https://blog.patreon.com/patreon-powers-membership-across-the-web https://patreon.com/apps https://patreon.com/portal This is getting really competitive really fast. Discourse's already on it — officially. I love Invision for how feature-rich it is, but if I was looking for just a message board software and saw Discourse having what's becoming a major, or maybe even the, selling point, that's highly likely where I'd go. Already posted a customization request over at marketplace for Patreon Connect but there doesn't seem to be any movement, so I come with this update to the thread I aimed at Invision devs. The first time I asked you to consider it, but now I'm asking you to please do it. If we have login handlers such as LinkedIn, for sure we should be able to have Patreon (granted, Patreon's a fair bit more complex of an integration than other are — but it's worth it). Content creators can utilize Patreon and Invision to create and manage projects which provide with rewards for all parties. I'd prefer engaging my community in various ways over relying on ads just keep the site up. Best communities are niche ones, and their members are extremely loyal and supportive. Patreon allows for strengthening the connection between creators and their communities.
  4. It has: https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206525646-Does-Patreon-have-an-API- I'm also looking for Patreon integration. Edit: Although, I gotta say that Patreon integration to this specific addon, which requires Commerce, would make Patreon redundant to an extent. Patreon connect should be a separate feature.
  5. Do you have any other idea as for how to link to a specific part of a page? Because that's why I assigned IDs (e.g. invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/438770-custom-html-in-pages#here)
  6. I mean does this apply to block ids - we have them but haven't tested yet if they're stripped as well.
  7. !!! THANK YOU! Will any of these allows work for div ids as well?
  8. My community uses a quite elaborate design on Pages. It's initially designed by me, the admin, using css classes and ids. When I opened up editing to the general public, however, we've seen Pages strip the css classes as users saved their updates. So my question would be, are we doomed to break down the classes and apply all the styles individually (which you can probably imagine how much of a chore that will be) or is there any workaround? Not sure If I'm missing anything as to making this easier.
  9. This is heading into unnecessarily negative territory, so let me further elaborate on why Patreon support is welcome (or even essential). I feel like Patreon is to continuous projects what Kickstarter is to one-time ones. It's not some completely niche service, as content creators are massively converting to utilize it over other methods of funding. Millions of dollars go through Patreon every month and the service is only growing. I invite you to read more about this on its Wikipedia page. As for the justification—I feel like users would actually be incentivized to support their communities through this well-known platform, perhaps even moreso than direct PayPal or the like. Offering your community a funding option through Patreon can sound reassuring, because your patrons a part of this system which helps many content creators like you or your community may be.
  10. It's worthwhile because it is about the best way of financing an IPS-powered website that doesn't sell products or services, i.e. is funded by donations. Patreon has already partnered up with services like Discord, which could use the same arguments for and against. Anyway, seems like third party will be the way to go. Although, IPS—if you happen to see this—I warmly recommend being on a lookout as for Patreon's growth and influence over content-creating communities.
  11. If IPS expressed disinterest in Patreon integration then yeah, the next step would be going 3rd party. It's just that Patreon is a fast-growing service practically ideal to combine with this software, so official support would be great. Feel free to post your update on writing the plugin in this thread, I'd like to get notified if you realize this. Or link a space where you'll announce it.
  12. Yeah, API integration so that the Invision software reads pledge level of a connected user and then puts them into a corresponding group.
  13. Any plans to implement it? Can't even describe just much would it be appreciated.
  14. We could discuss it, but there's no particular need. I probably understand your view on it. Looking forward to the article as well as the plugin additions, very nice to hear you consider them.
  15. Greetings, This is a pretty simple and straightforward plugin, I liked the sound of it initally. However, there are three critical things about it: 1. The copyright removal This plugin aims to help message boards by allowing them to receive donations. Tacking on a link to a third party looks arbitrary and intrusive to me. I'd even consider purchasing a copyright removal, but looking at your site it seems it's a feature that's implemented only into your commercial products. 2. Donator group upgrade Changing the usergroup or adding the secondary group to a member who donated is a logical and much needed addition to this plugin. 3. Bar reset after x time Giving an option to automatically reset the donation bar after a set amount of time has passed is simply saving the time and energy of the people you provide this to as well as giving their donation software consistency. I'd be grateful if you would consider these suggestions. Regards,
  16. Well all I can say then is that I like the idea of this app but I can't purchase it while it's so specific to sports.
  17. If I was the developer, I'd aim for customization and giving as much options as possible. For example, you can make so that it uses templates. A template could consist of participants (names), participant types (teams, players, forum members), match/tournament types, etc. The clients could make their presets how they want.
  18. Hello, I'm quite interested in this mod, but it's too specific towards sports as it is, and from the looks of it I think you could make it a great general betting application. There are several features that would generalize this app: 1) Entering custom matchup participants rather than teams; for example forum members (with avatar crop as the logo, and member name linked to forum profile) 2) Entering more than two participants, for example betting on who will win the entire tournament between a lot of participants 3) Various design changes in order to make it more appealing 4) Options to turn on or off various system elements like Bet History, Top Betters, Active Betters And Stats (or maybe bring Betting Stats out of it since that seems much more useful than Users Active which is already a board feature), etc 5) Sidebar widget for the front page to give easy access to the latest matchup(s) I've skimmed over the system and these are the things I've noticed could make it more for general uses. However, these are probably not all that are needed and I could possibly think of more along the way. There's also a whole lot I don't understand about it as it looks a bit extensive. In any case, I'll be following this file, hoping its potential will be explored.
  19. Hello again, Thanks for the previous feedback. I have a question: How do I got about changing the URL on Link to IP.Board Application -> Application: Forums from /index/ to /? Currently, when set to link to the forums app, the url will show as http://website/forums/index/.
  20. Hello, I have a suggestion--an option to be able to push a custom menu to the first position (like what Default Application Features can do with an application). It'd be great if we could create a menu like that that we could give "priority" over other IPB modules. I've also been thinking of how useful could it be if the custom menus could be assigned to a specific skin, because some (unique) skins may not want the dropdown element, just the additional tabs (links). Oh and by the way, wonderful application. :thumbsup:
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