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IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: VigLink

VigLink is a service which works with a number of affiliates to provide you commission when a user visits the affiliate from your website.
So, as an example, let's say someone posts a link to an Amazon item on your community, with VigLink integration, you'll be provided with compensation every time a user purchases that item if they bought it after following the link from your site.

VigLink, and services like it, have been a popular addition for many of our clients and we have received requests for built in integration. Monetizing your community is something IPS has been working to enhance support for over the recent years. From ad code integration spots to our full commerce system IP.Nexus our clients who are interested in monetizing their community have benefited greatly. The addition of VigLink enhances those offerings.

This video provides more information on how VigLink works:

We've been working closely with VigLink to provide direct integration with this service in IP.Board 3.4.

Setting it up couldn't be easier - we've built a new page in the Admin CP called "Community Enhancements" which lists all of the services we integrate with. You simply click on "VigLink" in this page and you'll be taken to the VigLink site where you can either sign up, or log in with your existing VigLink account, if you have one:

Once that's done - you're all setup. You don't need to copy and paste any code - the integration will be enabled for you, and you can now track your usage through your VigLink account.

There's a number of settings you can configure for finer control over how the system works. You can set which users VigLink applies to (both in terms of who gets redirected through them and whose posts get VigLink enabled) and you can disable the system on a per-forum basis:

We'll also be releasing an update to our iOS app around the 3.4 release to support this integration too. IPS benefits financially through a reciprocal marketing agreement when someone uses VigLink through our software however we do not take any cut of the commission offered from VigLink to you. Anyone familiar with IPS knows that taking a cut is not how we would operate :smile:

Community Enhancements Section

Mentioned earlier in this entry, the AdminCP has a new section called Community Enhancements. This area contains all the various external services that your IPS Community Suite can use to enhance your community. It's not all new though: we have moved services like our Spam Monitoring Service to this section as that too is an external enhancement to your community.

We are also introducing some new services that will integrate with your community in this section! Certain services are from external partners, like VigLink, that clients may opt to use and some are new IPS-created services. Some services are free and some carry a small cost depending on the nature of what's being offered. They are all of course optional and if you do not enable them they do not execute or engage any resources in the Suite.

Keep an eye out for future blog entries introducing these new Community Enhancements!


Recommended Comments

[quote name='Marcher Technologies' timestamp='1346471257']
If I May ask.... since when are login methods 'Community Enhancements'? This affect developers?

We're putting all external services in that section. A better name might be "Web Services", but "Community Enhancements" sounds much cooler :P

Naturally, developers can add stuff to that section using extension files - we'll be putting services that the other apps use in their next updates too (for example, Nexus uses MaxMind, FedEx, eNom and others; Blog uses Akismet).

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Hello everyone!

Sarah from Skimlinks here. It's great to hear that MGBrose likes our UX and analytics!

If UX is a priority, remember Skimlinks doesn't redirect every external link, it only redirects links to merchants we work with.

You guys might also find our Preferred Partner Programme interesting - we've negotiated premium commission rates with hundreds of merchants around the world including Shopbop and Macy's!

If you have any more questions or thoughts we'd more than happy to talk with you at supportATskimlinksDOTcom

Oh and be sure to check out our forum series with Patrick O'Keefe on our blog to get some expert tips on running forums :-)


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Installed this and chose just the option of having links to stores that are already there linked by viglink and DID NOT turn link insertion on, link insertion happened eitherway =/


Snap removed, non intrusive my ass

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