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IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IP.SEO

IP.SEO is a popular free add-on for IP.Board which provides many additional SEO features for your community.

IP.SEO has proved so popular since it's introduction that as of IP.Board 3.4, we're going to be moving it's features into the core of IP.Board meaning that a separate application will no longer be necessary.

If you're not already familiar with IP.SEO, here's an overview the features it provides, all of which will be included in IP.Board 3.4:


XML site maps provide a great way to show search engines the content on your community. All IPS applications are supported, and third party applications can also add their own support.

You can even specify a "priority" for each forum and other areas of your community to tell search engines which content is more important.

IP.Board will automatically update your site map as new content is generated and will automatically ping search engines to let them know your site map has been updated.

SEO Advice

A new screen in the Admin CP will provide advice on areas of configuration which can be adjusted to provide the best SEO.

Search Activity

You will now be able to view graphs showing the visits your community has received from search engine spiders, and visits received from users who found your community via a search engine.

You can even see the term that users searched for which led them to your community.

Meta Tags

You can now edit the page title and meta tags for any page on your community. You can also use a "Live Meta Tag Editor" which will allow you to browse your community, adding tags to the pages as you visit them.

Miscellaneous Features
  • IP.Board will now be able to automatically ping XML-RPC ping services whenever a new topic is created.
  • You will now be able to select a particular skin which will be used by guests.
  • You can add Google Analytics tracking code through a setting in the Admin CP to integrate with the Google Analytics service.

More to come on SEO... this is not the only SEO change being made in 3.4 so keep watching our company blog!

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