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IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: FedEx Integration

IP.Nexus allows you to set up shipping prices with customisable rates, destinations and tax. Once an item has been shipped, you can then provide a tracking number which will provide the customer with a link where they can view tracking information.
While this solution allows complete control over shipping prices, it can be tedious to set up methods, and arrange shipments with couriers - particularly if you receive lots of orders.

In IP.Nexus 1.5, we're introducing direct integration with FedEx. In future versions of IP.Nexus we plan to integrate with other providers like UPS and USPS in a similar way.

The setup

To get started, you simply need to enter your FedEx account details in the Admin CP. You can also specify which services to use (if you don't want to use them all), add a surcharge to FedEx prices and more:

Once that's done - you're all setup. FedEx options will automatically become available when a customer selects a shipping method - you just need to make sure you have provided an accurate weight for shippable products. You can of course disable FedEx services for any individual product.


When a customer goes to purchase a product they'll now see FedEx services in the shipping methods select box:

You'll notice that each option shows the price as well as an estimated delivery date. This data is coming straight from FedEx based on the customer's shipping address and the items being purchased.

The customer can also edit their shipping address on this screen which will adjust the prices accordingly - the shipping address can be different from the billing address provided in step 1 (but will be automatically filled out with that data). The address entered is also validated with FedEx to check for any mistakes in filling it out.


In the Admin CP, you'll now see a button on the shipping order to arrange the shipment:

Clicking this will show you a screen like this:

As you can see, there are several options for how you want to provide the package to FedEx. The nearest FedEx drop boxes and service stations are listed and clicking on any will provide the opening hours:

You can also have Nexus schedule a courier to come to you to pick up a package which will present you with this screen:

Once shipment has been arranged you'll be able to print a shipping label. When the package has been delivered, you'll be able to see a proof-of-delivery with the signature that signed for the package. Both of these are provided by FedEx:


The shipping order page in the Admin CP provides tracking information from FedEx:

The customer also has a page in the client area where they can view the same information:



Recommended Comments

If only Nexus could package the item(s) up and put the label on the package. But then, we gotta go SOME of the work I guess.

Any way to have the prices show up first with the type of delivery next to it? Like would that something editable via language strings?

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[quote name='TardSeeker' timestamp='1337693744']
Will this work for FedEx Canada?

Yes. Some features are restricted to certain countries by FedEx, but everything should be fine for Canada.

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So happy about this. You really hit the bullseye on this one. ;) No more copy/pasting address and tracking info back and forth. :D

Any word about Fedex's return shipment system being integrated?

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Finally! This will make Nexus usable as a real online store. Shipping costs are super competitive and can make or break your profit on small margins. This will be huge, especially once other carriers have been integrated. yay!

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Well, it's been a year since FedEx shipping was added to nexus.with the promise of more to come it the future. It sure would be great to see IPS deliver on those.

With one API already written, it certainly wouldn't take much work to extend that to other popular carriers like USPS that offer great international shipping options that are easy to use for the small business that doesn't ship enough to get volume discounts from FedEx.

Will we ever see a USPS live rate api?

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