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IP.Nexus 1.4 Dev Update: Order Management

A little while ago, I talked about the front-end store improvements for IP.Nexus 1.4. In addition to these front-end changes, we've also made a few changes to back-end order management which we wanted to talk about today.

Tracking Numbers

IP.Nexus has always had the functionality for viewing shipping orders and printing packing notes. In IP.Nexus 1.4 we're expanding the shipping features by adding support for tracking numbers.

When you click the button to mark an order shipped, you'll now see a popup asking for the tracking number and the service you're sending the package by:

If you fill this in, customers will be given a link in their shipping notification allowing them to track their shipment.

PayPal Payer Status

Those who manually review transactions know that it's importance of to be able to approve genuine orders quickly while ensuring that fraudulent orders are noticed.

For customers that pay by PayPal, one of the important factors in this decision can be if the customer paid with a verified PayPal account or not. In IP.Nexus 1.4, you'll be able to see right on the transaction review page if the payment (if it's a PayPal payment) came from a verified PayPal account.

Transaction Review

Sometimes when you're reviewing transactions, you might want to leave one and come back to it later - perhaps you're going to contact the customer for additional information, or wait to see if the funds appear.

This can sometimes cause issue if there's more than one person reviewing transactions - one person might contact a customer for followup, then another refuses the transaction, or contacts the customer again.
In IP.Nexus 1.4, we've added an additional status to transactions allowing you to flag a transaction as being "under review". Transactions with this status are clearly indicated on the review screen (they appear in a blue box rather than pink) and who marked it as such, so everyone knows you already have it under control.

Void Account

It is inevitable that sometimes you need to terminate a customer's account. Perhaps they've filed a chargeback, or broken your purchase agreement.
While IP.Nexus has the ability to refund transactions and easily cancel purchases, this can be time consuming if the customer has made several purchases.

In IP.Nexus 1.4 we've added something of a kill-switch. One button that will refund all transactions, cancel all purchases, close all support requests and ban the account from logging in.

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions unrelated to this blog entry, please post them in the IP.Nexus forum :smile:

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