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IP.Gallery 4.1 Dev Update

IP.Gallery 4 introduced a fresh look and lots of new features to our popular gallery application.
We've had substantial feedback since 4 and so with Gallery 4.1 (which will be released alongside IP.Board 3.2) we've taken this feedback on board to refine some areas and add frequently requested features.

My Media

IP.Board 3.2 introduces a feature called "My Media". This allows you to quickly drop content from other areas of your community (attachments, blog entries, etc.) into posts in the forum.

Gallery is of course no exception and you can now easily add images and albums created in the Gallery to your posts with a few simple clicks.

Default View

IP.Gallery 4 introduces a new "portal" home page showing recent images and albums.

Some users though prefer a more structured view - viewing albums like categories on the forums. Gallery also has a view for this which we call the "Browse" view.
In IP.Gallery 4.1, you can make the "Browse" view the default, and optionally completely shut off the portal view if you prefer.

Square Thumbnails

IP.Gallery 4 crops and resizes images to a square for use in thumbnails - this gives a clean and consistent view across the Gallery.

Some users however, prefer images not to be cropped. Therefore, in Gallery 4.1 we've added a setting to disable this.
When disabled, images will not be cropped and will be centered in a transparent square canvas - this allows the rows in the Gallery to remain consistent, but without cropping images.

Other Miscellaneous Changes

  • Stats (number of images, comments, etc.) is now on the gallery home page again - both the portal and browse views.
  • We've removed the limit of 10 images at a time, you can now upload as many images as you like in one go.
  • We've moved the slideshow button to a more prominent location, at the top of the page, next to the upload button.

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