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IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Customers and purchases

Following our IP.Nexus 1.3 updates, here are the changes made to customer and purchase management:

Screenshots shown are subject to design change.


Occasionally, it may be necessary to refund a customer's payment. Authorize.Net provides an API for refunding transactions and as of IP.Nexus 1.3, transactions can now be refunded right from the Admin CP.

When you refund a payment, the transaction will automatically be refused and any purchases cancelled.

Redesigned "Transactions On Hold" page

IP.Nexus may place a transaction on hold for review for several reasons: if it has a high fraud score, if there was a possible problem with the payment detected, or if you have IP.Nexus set to hold all transactions.

Previously, you would see a list of transactions and click into each one to review and then accept or deny the payment.
We found in our own usage that this was a slightly long-winded process, especially if you have lots of transactions - approving pending transactions is something which should be done as quickly as possible to appease customers.

In IP.Nexus 1.3, we've redesigned the "Transactions On Hold" page so that all of the information for all transactions is shown on one page.

All of the information you need to make your decision, including information from the anti-fraud service, is right on that page. Clicking "Approve" or "Refuse" will cause the box to disappear using AJAX so that you can move right onto the next one.

We've also added a checkbox "Also ban customer" when refusing a transaction, which allows you to ban the member who made the transaction quickly - useful if the transaction is fraudulent for avoiding repeat attempts.

Alternate Contact Improvements

IP.Nexus allows customers to add "alternate contacts" which can view purchases and submit support requests to their allocated purchases.
We find many of our own customers, particularly in large corporate environments, may have several different people for paying invoices and interacting with technical support. In IP.Nexus 1.3, alternate contacts can now optionally be allowed to pay invoices as well, so the person paying the bills doesn't have to be the account owner.

Card Management

When purchasing an item using the Authorize.Net gateway, IP.Nexus allows customers to store their credit card information for future sales.
Card information can now be viewed and edited in the client area, allowing customers to update their card details without making a new purchase.


IP.Nexus allows purchases to be associated with each other. For example, here at IPS we allow addons (IP.Blog, Gallery, etc.) to be associated with an IP.Board license.
Previously, this had to be done at purchase or in the Admin CP. In IP.Nexus 1.3, customers can do this themselves from the client area.

Customer Search

The customer search feature in the Admin CP has been improved to allow more kinds of searching and improved handling of internationally-formatted phone numbers.

Purchase Expiry Warning

When editing a purchase, if you change the expiry date to a date in the past, you'll now see a warning message when saving the purchase to indicate that the purchase will expire immediately.

This is useful for avoiding accidental changes (which can be particularly troublesome if the purchase is, for example, a hosting account) and gives you a better idea of what Nexus is doing before it does it.

There is also a similar warning for setting the date to a date in the future if the purchase is already expired.

Auto-Charge Warning

IP.Nexus will automatically charge a credit card on file if one exists when a renewal invoice is generated.
There is now a setting to allow you to optionally send customers an Email before this happens to let them know in advance. You can specify how far in advance to warn the customer.

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