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IP.Nexus 1.2 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

To round up our development updates on IP.Nexus 1.2, I'd just like to mention in brief some additional features not already mentioned in previous blog entries.

Go back in Checkout

When going through the checkout, a progress bar at the top indicates what steps are still required.

Previously, once you had completed one step, you could not go back and change the information provided. In IP.Nexus 1.2, you can click on any step in the progress bar that you have already completed and will be taken back to that step.

Change Package

You can now "swap"the package that an existing purchase is using in the Admin CP.

This will apply all properties of the new package to the purchase (renewal dates, etc.) and apply any usergroup et al changes that the new package allows.

Split Support Requests

You can now split support requests and delete individual replies in the Admin CP.
Each reply now shows a checkbox in the top-right corner, when this is checked, options will appear at the bottom of the replies.

The system works across multiple pages - simply check the replies on one page, change to the next page and select any additional replies - the checked items from the first page will be remembered.

Task Frequency Change

In order to prevent time-outs when handling large amounts of data, and to generate invoices and expire purchases closer to their specified dates, all tasks in Nexus now run more frequently, with a limit on the number of items to process.
This number should be fine for most users, but can be adjusted if necessary.

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