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IP.Nexus 1.2 Dev Update: Editing Existing Packages

Currently in IP.Nexus when a package is edited, certain factors, like the group a user is moved into when purchasing the package, only apply to new purchases.
While less of an issue for traditional products there are times, particularly with advertisement and hosting packages, where you will want to apply these changes to existing purchases.

Let's say for example, a user has purchased a product called "Premium Membership" - note how the customer is in the group "Members":

I now decide that I'm going to create a new group for people who have purchased this group called "Premium Members" and change the product settings to move members into this group when they purchase the package - note that I'm editing the package that the member bought, not creating a new package:

When I save this, I will now see a new screen which indicates the change I've made can be applied to existing purchases:

If I choose the bottom option, no further action will be performed - the package will save and the changes will apply to new purchases only.
If I choose the top option, IP.Nexus will go through all existing purchases and make the change:

And all of the appropriate changes will be applied:

You can change almost any field for similar behaviour - removing the usergroup for example would move everyone back into their original groups, enabling the license key settings would cause license keys to be generated, for hosting accounts changing the allowances will update the account on the server, etc.

The system will also notice if you have customised a purchase and keep your changes in such a situation.
For example, let's say you've manually edit a customer's bandwidth allowance on their hosting account - when IP.Nexus goes to update the purchase it will notice the value has been customised and leave that particular setting alone (and update other settings as usual).

Of course, changes made in this way are logged on the customer page as normal, as if done manually.

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