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IP.Nexus 1.2 Dev Update: Payment Improvements & Anti-Fraud Protection

IP.Nexus aims to give you the tools you need to monetize your community, and the core of that is the actual transaction process.

We've made a number of changes in IP.Nexus 1.2 not only to make managing payments and gateways easier but to protect you against fraud, encourage renewals and generally make it easier for you to make more money.

Authorize.Net Recurring Payments

IP.Nexus has since version 1.0 supported the Authorize.Net payment gateway. In IP.Nexus 1.2, we're adding support for two systems which will automatically bill customers renewal charges:

The first is their "Automated Recurring Billing" system. This works very similar to PayPal Subscriptions - a profile is created on Authorize.Net with the payment information. Then when the renewal is due the card is automatically charged, and Nexus is notified.
For more information about Automated Recurring Billing, please see Authorize.Net's website.

The second is their "Customer Information Manager" system. This works by having Authorize.Net store the credit card information. IP.Nexus then calls Authorize.Net to make payments, when renewals are due or manually in the Admin CP.
This system gives greater flexibility as Nexus chooses when to charge, and you don't need to manually cancel recurring payments with Authorize.Net when a purchase is cancelled.
For more information about Customer Information Manager, please see Authorize.Net's website.

For both systems the user sees an option on the checkout asking if they want to be charged automatically:

PayPal Website Payments Pro

PayPal Website Payments Pro is a service provided by PayPal that allows merchants in the US, Canada and the UK to accept credit card payments directly on their website.
We're pleased to say that IP.Nexus will support PayPal Website Payments Pro, including recurring billing support.

For more information about PayPal Website Payments Pro, please see PayPal's website.

Improved Gateways Page

Different payment gateways have different requirements such as HTTPS, supported currencies and maximum transaction amounts. In IP.Nexus 1.2, we've added more information to the gateways page, including a warning box that will notify you of any misconfigurations:

Anti-Fraud Protection

MaxMind offers a Credit Card Fraud Protection, which here at IPS we've been using for years to help audit transactions for fraud.
In IP.Nexus 1.2, we will be adding integration for this service.

MaxMind returns a score between 0 and 100 indicating how likely a transaction is likely to be fraud. All the service needs is the user's address (which you can require on checkout), however it works best with gateways that use credit cards, i.e. Authorize.Net and PayPal Website Payments Pro.
Depending on the score returned, you can choose to manually approve or decline the transaction:

The purchase screen will also contain detailed information indicating the reasoning behind the score:

For more information about this service, please see MaxMind's website.

As always - if there's anything you'd like to see not mentioned here (including other payment gateways), please post in our feedback forum.



Recommended Comments

Would it be possible to add the anti-fraud protection method named Butch? He's the guy that hunts down those who try to scam you and then beats the snot out of them.


Seriously, looking good. I've always wondered how the anti-fraud was figured out, now I know. :)

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could we add possiblity to connect payment gateway with special products?
I'd like to have product called Premium_SMS that user can pay only via SMS and product called Premium to be handled by other gateways. Probelm is that SMS gateway is extremally expensive and I have to set up different prices for same products

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  • Management

As the blog entry said, please use the feedback forum for requests for other payment gateways :)

Your requests go toward us knowing which of the many payment gateways out there are the most requested so we know what to do next :)

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IS there a developer guide for gateways. My niche is using some different payment processors like AlertPay for example so I need to code my self this gateways. I dont expect to see them available in nexus as there are not too popular but I have the will to code myself. just need an dev guide of the functions used so I can insert payment processors SCI and IPN functions

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[quote name='θεός' timestamp='1296667780']
Can we get screenshots of the payment page (before clicking to jump) and the payment input screen for authorize.net CIM?

See the first screenshot.

After they've saved the card, there's just a checkbox that allows them to use the saved card, which unchecking displays the normal form again.

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Mark, correct me if I'm wrong but I thought authorize.net cim functioned by having customers type in the details off-site? That way shop owners don't need to be pci compliant. There are strict standards and even transferring cc data needs a pci compliant server.

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