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IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

Email on new order

You can now set packages to send an email when a member purchases that package.

Usergroup Discounts

You can now provide discounts to users in a particular group.

Auto-resolve Support Requests

You can now set support requests to automatically be set to resolved after a given time of inactivity.

Group Name Limit

We've increased the length package group names can be to 255 characters.


In IP.Nexus 1.0, there was a setting which when enabled would make the payment screen server over https. The scope of this setting has been extended to the entire checkout process, the client area when providing information and support requests.

Delete Transactions

Transactions can now be deleted.

Support Request API

We have introduced two central models for handling support requests, one for support requests and one for support replies.

This allows you to create support requests and replies using a simple API. For example, to create a support request:

supportRequest::create( "Title", 1, 1, NULL, 1, NULL, NULL, supportReply::create( supportReply::REPLY_MEMBER, 1, "Message" ) );

Complete developer documentation can be seen here.

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