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IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Guest Support Requests

IP.Nexus 1.0 has the ability for users to send in support requests via Email. Nexus handles these internally as "Guest" support requests and the users can reply by responding to the Email notifications Nexus sends when a staff member replies.

In IP.Nexus 1.1, we've added a web-based interface for guests to create support requests too. This makes it easier for users to submit pre-sales questions without having to create an account, and is particularly useful if you are unable or unwilling to use incoming Emails.

Guests can now access the new support request screen like regular members, where they'll be prompted for, in addition to normal support request information, their Email address. They'll also need to fill in a Captcha verification if you have that setting enabled.

IP.Nexus will then send them a confirmation Email which will contain a link where they can retrieve their support request to reply later. This then displays as a normal support request:

They can also of course reply to this notification if you have that incoming Emails enabled.

If a user has created support requests as a guest then registers, support requests with their Email address will become associated with their account.

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