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IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Guest Checkout

In IP.Nexus 1.0, when a user visits the store and tries to make a purchase, they are redirected to the login screen where they can register or log in. Once logged in, they are redirected back to the checkout screen.

While this works well, it can be confusing to some users to be removed from the checkout process. In IP.Nexus 1.1, we've made this process a little smoother.

First of all, if a guest attempts to make a donation, they will not be prompted to log in - guests will be able to make donations without registering an account first.
You can disable this in the Admin CP so users must be logged in to make a donation if you prefer.

For normal purchases, when a user attempts to make a purchase when not logged in, rather than being redirected to the login screen they will simply see a few extra fields on the personal information screen:

By simply filling in those details, IP.Nexus will create an account, log them in, and the checkout process will continue as normal.
They can also click the login link, which will take them to the login screen, and will be immediately returned to checkout after logging in.

Some notes on this:

  • You will notice the screenshot is not prompting for a username. IP.Nexus will automatically set their username based on their real name. You can choose to prompt the user for a username if you prefer.
  • The setting specifying whether or not a user should enter personal information when registering is still honoured. If that is not enabled, and they are not purchasing a physical item, Nexus won't ask them for their address.
  • You can enable Captcha on this screen.
  • Validation settings are still honoured. If you have Email or Admin validation enabled, Nexus will put the user in the "Validating" group and send out the validation Email and/or admin notification Email.
  • If you have disabled registrations, users can still register through this method - this allows you to only allow users who are purchasing items to create accounts. You can of course disable guest access to the store if you do not want this.
  • The Spam Monitoring Service settings are honoured.
  • If COPPA is enabled, they must use the normal registration process since they will need to fill in the COPPA form before the account can be created. Nexus will continue to function as it does in 1.0 if COPPA is enabled.

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